AmelieFiquet - I am a shy girl but very open in intimacy, I am passionate about the details that fall in love, the men who whisper in my ear and kiss me on the neck go crazy. I love nature and I like songs that express feelings. I am very sensual in privacy.

About AmelieFiquet

  • Screenname: AmelieFiquet
  • Age: 20
  • Sex: Females 18-34
  • Height: 155
  • Weight: 53
  • Turnons: I love that they kiss my neck and caress my legs.
  • Turnoffs: I don't like rude and poorly educated people.

AmelieFiquet's Stats

  • Favorite Position: I love making love where the man penetrates me from behind in my pussy
  • Members Chat: 1.35
  • Last seen online: 2020-04-08 16:22:27

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